Installing mod_ecl should be really simple.

Paths may vary on your distribution. To find the right location of the apache module directory, you should read your linux distribution manual.

  1. Install Apache 2 and ecl.
    It would be best to download the ecl release, and compile it since the CVS version of ecl are broken from time to time.
  2. Download a mod_ecl release then exrtract it.
    Change the directory to the mod_ecl dir where mod_ecl.c is stored and issue the command:
    apxs -c -L/usr/lib -lecl -i mod_ecl.c
  3. Modify your httpd.conf file by adding the following lines to the bottom:
    LoadModule ecl_module lib/httpd/modules/
    AddHandler ecl-handler .lsp
  4. Restart the apache webserver by executing the command appropriate for your distribution.